the concept:
reinventing "the little white tee"

you won’t find a tee like t’inked anywhere else-that’s because we believe in telling a story through wearable expressions, simply and playfully. we don’t take ourselves too seriously (usually), and draw inspiration from current events, culture & art, our surroundings, and the internet, to name a few. we hope that you find your story to style your way!

t’inked partners with to bring quality products, and on-demand for a price you will love. you won’t have to look far to find one that resonates with you!

time to get t’inked!

the shop:
featuring unique and playful tees

t’inked tees are designed to flaunt your personality, express an idea or feeling. t’inked tees can be worn with almost anything-a blazer, sweatshirt, jacket or alone; plaid pants, a dressy skirt or just with jeans to express your vibe. we look forward to seeing your best interpretation.

time to get t’inked!

the designer:
creating a new casual

former owner and designer of amyjojeans, inc., chicago artist and designer, amy jo malone started t’inked to express individuality, and creativity in a wearable, whimsical way. already planning and executing more designs to represent a new casual, “keeping it light”, and fresh are the goals.

additionally, we aim to please-don’t hesitate to share comments, concerns, “want-to-see-next”, and questions with me at

time to get t’inked!